Drag Race Rush For PC

While we all love racing games and leaving the opponents to dust, drag racing has its own appeal and style. The format is not dead easy and requires certain amount of control and practice. On your PC, you will find games that provide this option but most of the time they either require you to have a gaming rig to enjoy or quite pricey or both.

Drag Race: Rush is one such drag racing game which features action in realistic tracks. However, the game is available for Android and not for Windows. To run it on your PC, you will need the help of Bluestacks. How does it all work? Let’s find out…

Drag Race: Rush – The Game

Just like you would expect from the name, the game provides the perfect platform to launch your virtual drag racing career. You start off as a person looking for revenge and reinstate your lost glory as the fallen drag champion. A Russian mechanic will stand by your side providing you with tips and tricks to go ahead in the race and reclaim what’s rightfully yours. The races happen all over the world, you start from Asia then move on to Europe and the final showdowns happen in America (all the way to Colombia). The game features top notch graphics and equally impressive sound tracks and noises to create an immersive experience.

The Gameplay

You will start off with a modest ride, which you will need to modify and configure with upgrades to go ahead. Alternatively, you can purchase new cars from in-game currencies. The game displays a map of locations which you can race in and the completed ones too. Rides can be customized for various components which is standard in all racing titles along with visuals. The races happen mostly in cities with both day and night times involved. On screen controls are present with auto-acceleration and turning can be controlled with tilt.

While all this sounds quite impressive, you will want to know how to get Drag Race: Rush for PC. So let us have a look at that…

Running On PC:

In order to run Android games, you will need an Android emulator named Bluestacks, which can run all Android games and also access Google Play Store. So, how to get it all up and running? These simple steps outline exactly that:

  • Start the installation which will additionally download further data (this step might take some time depending on your Internet connection).
  • Once installation completes, you will need to set the preferences such as default language.
  • Following this, you will need to provide your Google ID and password (Gmail credentials will do as well). This will sync your settings and let you access Play Store.
  • Now from the home screen, type in the top search bar “Drag Race: Rush” and search for it.
  • It will take you to the Play Store page from where you need to click the “Install” button.
  • Once it finishes, go back to home screen where you can see the game. Click on the icon to launch it!

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